What Should a Degree in Sustainability Look Like? with Patrick Hossay

A degree in sustainability can mean many things. Sure, you can develop a focus, but how does an undergraduate program truly prepare you to become a professional in such a broad and complex topic? To learn more about what an undergraduate degree in sustainability should look like, we looked to Stockton University’s Patrick Hossay.

Patrick was recommended to us by various colleagues of ours who were fortunate enough to go through his sustainability program. Influenced by Patrick’s eclectic background, the program takes an interdisciplinary approach to education, requiring students to master a variety of topics that they may face as future sustainability professionals.

In addition to learning about Stockton’s unique degree program, Patrick and “Buildings and Beyond” host Robb take a trip down memory lane and share their experience as students. They also discuss the value of trades, which Patrick believes is being hampered by the growing belief that everyone “must” go to college.

Episode Guest: Patrick Hossay, PhD

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Patrick Hossay is Professor and founding Chair of the Sustainability department and Energy Studies program at Stockton University. He jokingly states that his eclectic training has made him ideally suited as a professor of sustainability, but not much else, with advanced degrees, training and experience in engineering, technology, political science, and history. He is the author of multiple books and articles in diverse fields, including social science, history, environmental science, and engineering; and has taught and conducted research in renewable energy, environmental policy, natural resource management, sustainable communities, and international development.  He currently works and teaches in renewable energy, green buildings, automotive technology, green vehicle innovations, and sustainable design. Hossay has worked for more than two decades as a consultant on international development projects and municipal planning, and currently consults and advises regionally in the energy and design fields. He is also an experienced and licensed aircraft and automotive mechanic, and restores classic cars and motorcycles in his off time.



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About Stockton’s Sustainability Program

Stockton University’s Sustainability program offers BS and BA degrees that allow students to concentrate their studies in Renewable Energy, Agroecology, Environmental Policy or Sustainability Management, and gain hands-on practical training along with a broad interdisciplinary education.

Information on the Sustainability degree program at Stockton University can be found here:

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