Robb Aldrich, PE

Robb Aldrich, PE

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Robb Aldrich Headshot

Started with Firm: 2000

B.A. Chemistry & Environmental Science, Colby College, Waterville, ME
M.S. Engineering, Building Systems Program, University of Colorado, Boulder

Professional Engineer (PE), Connecticut

Robb Aldrich is a Principal Mechanical Engineer at SWA, focusing on energy systems in buildings including: evaluating new technologies, modeling building performance, optimizing designs, and researching new products and systems. Before coming to SWA in 2000, he spent several years designing, installing, and repairing solar electric and thermal systems. At SWA, Robb works with builders and designers all across the country to make residential buildings healthier, more efficient, less costly to build and operate, and more comfortable.

While he often consults builders and developers, much of his work is detailed evaluation and research into new technologies and systems. These efforts – often funded by government agencies, utilities, or other stakeholders – have led to much deeper understanding of building system performance and integration. This allows for a much more holistic approach when designing and consulting with clients. Research and evaluation efforts have included:
• Thermal and moisture performance of walls and building assemblies
• Energy and IAQ implications of ventilation systems
• Simplified heating and cooling in low-load homes
• Inverter-driven, air-source heat pump performance (esp. in cold climates)
• Assessment of hundreds of solar electric and solar thermal systems
• Performance of heat pump water heaters

Robb has published and presented results of these efforts at conferences across the country. He also leads classes and workshops at many regional events to help builders, designers, and contractors find effective, practical ways of making healthier, more efficient, and more durable buildings.