Alex Mirabile serves as SWA's Business Development Manager responsible for executing a wide range of the firm’s business development and marketing initiatives. Responsibilities include building relationships with clients and industry stakeholders, coordinating events and speaking arrangements, developing in-person and online training modules, producing content for publications, and establishing communications processes for project teams to follow. Alex is also a co-producer and co-host of the Buildings and Beyond Podcast.

Posts by Alex Mirabile

How Can We Convince More Homeowners to Make Energy-Efficiency Upgrades?

The average homeowner is aware that energy efficiency is important in the fight against climate change. The people who are most passionate about energy conservation are making upgrades to their homes and setting a good example for their neighbors. But how can we get more homeowners excited about doing the work (and navigating the cost) to improve their home’s performance?

On this episode, Robb chats with Adam Stenftenagel and Christine Liaukus (a SWA alum!), two experts on improving existing buildings, about what it’ll take to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of single-family homes on a much larger scale than we are today. They discuss data, strategies, technologies, and of course, financing that can help get millions of homeowners on the path to net zero energy.