Buildings and Beyond Trailer!

We are excited to introduce our new podcast, Buildings and Beyond! Join us as we explore how we can create a more sustainable built environment by focusing on efficiency, accessibility, and health.

Check out the trailer to find out what we have in store for season 1. And be sure to subscribe to Buildings and Beyond so you don’t miss any of our upcoming episodes!


Robb Aldrich | Kelly Westby

Production Team

Heather Breslin | Alex Mirabile | Dylan Martello


Artist: Podington Bear

Song: Slotcar




Episode Transcript

Kelly :                                00:03                   Welcome to buildings and beyond

Robb:                                00:06                   the podcast that explores how we can create a more sustainable built environment

Kelly :                                00:10                   by focusing on efficiency, accessibility and health.

Robb:                                00:14                   My Name’s Robb Aldrich

Kelly :                                00:15                   and I’m Kelly Westby. We’re both engineers with Steven winter associates, which we lovingly refer to as SWA around here. Robb and I will be kind of alternating as hosts for this podcast. We’ll cover a wide range of topics related to high performance buildings and we hope we can help you make buildings better.

Robb:                                00:32                   For myself, there’s so much I don’t know about buildings. Energy is really my main focus but there’s so many interactions with indoor air quality materials, water use, and I have tons to learn about accessibility, resiliency and there are more and more new building technologies out there that I really want to learn more about.

Kelly :                                00:49                   So Robb, what do we have coming up this season?

Robb:                                00:52                   So for this first season while we’re getting our feet wet, in this whole podcast thing, we’re going to talk to several of our colleagues here at SWA, Steven Winter Associates. We’re hoping to have eight episodes on topics such as net zero energy, passive house, and smart buildings.

Kelly :                                01:06                   And I’ll be interviewing you on air source heat pumps. I am looking forward to all of our discussions this season, but I’m also looking forward to going beyond, if you will, and talking to lots of other industry professionals, like developers and code officials or architects, engineers, in future seasons. So we really hope you’ll subscribe to this and future seasons of buildings and beyond.