NYSERDA Building Electrification Trainings

Market: Beyond Buildings
Type: Training
Location: NY
Instructed and Administered by: Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
Funded by: NYSERDA
Format: Virtual
Sessions: Seven 2-4 hour sessions
Audience: Contractors

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. was contracted by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop and conduct seven virtual Building Electrification Training sessions, which were offered free of charge to all NYSERDA program participants. The live online trainings were initiated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With much of the workforce at home and project work temporarily paused, it was an opportune moment to support contractors in an accessible format to learn new technologies associated with electrification.

Sessions covered a range of topics with a focus on residential and commercial applications:

  • Net-Zero HVAC Strategies
  • Commissioning: Common Commissioning Issues in High Performance Buildings
  • Refrigerant Management in Design, Construction, and Operations
  • Heat Pump Retrofit Primer for Multifamily Buildings
  • Electrifying Residential Homes
  • Heat Pump Design and Installation Best Practices
  • High Performance Ventilation for Residential Homes: HRV/ERV

The sessions were open to all NYSERDA program and utility partners. All trainings supported continuing education programs and were approved for AIA, BPI, NATE and PHIUS credit.

Nearly 1,000 professionals registered for the sessions and 717 attended—resulting in a successful 73% attendance rate. The majority of attendees were from downstate New York (43%); the session with the most attendees was Net Zero HVAC Strategies.

SWA will continue to provide the Building Electrification Training Series to industry professionals, leveraging a diversified learning approach that includes a user-paced learning management system, as well as live sessions.

graphs of popularity of trainings and location of attendees


“I would like to pass on my appreciation to all those involved. This module was a breath of fresh air….It would not be a lie to say my sense of purpose and urgency has been reinvigorated and for that I am grateful.”

“I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend these trainings, which were very educational. I look forward in other trainings in the future.“

“This was a very good session and I’ve encouraged others at my team to sign up for it as well. Probably the shortest four-hours I’ve had for a course!”