Energy and Water Use Study in DC Multifamily Buildings

Do you live in DC? Do you own, manage or reside in a multifamily building? If so, we would love to get your feedback!

The District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) has engaged Steven Winter Associates to gain feedback from multifamily owners, managers and residents about their energy and water usage. To start off, we’re conducting brief surveys (10-minutes max), and hope this effort will have positive outcomes for future multifamily projects in DC by raising awareness of green/energy efficiency initiatives.

Survey responses will inform the potential development of a voluntary energy and water conservation program tailored exclusively for the multifamily rental sector in the District. This program will include a customized toolkit to engage residents and building managers in improving energy and water efficiency. It will also encourage participation in a peer-to-peer energy and water reduction competition.

Initial participation involves filling out a brief survey (one each for Owner, Property Manager, and Residents). The survey consists of questions about current energy and water use. It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Select the survey you’d like to complete: 


All survey data will remain confidential and secure. Any identifying or demographic information will be kept confidential. Data analysis will be conducted at the property/building level; no information identifying individual buildings or individual units will be publicly reported.

Thank you for your participation! The results of this study will help us create better energy and water conservation programs to serve property owners, managers and residents in the District of Columbia.

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