Net Zero

Tips for Achieving Net Zero
  1. Maximize space for on-site renewable energy
  2. Reduce the building’s energy demand
  3. Select high efficiency heating, cooling, and water heating
  4. Account for plug loads
  5. Establish a commissioning plan 

Aim Low, Build High-Performance

Building to Net Zero

Whether targeting energy-use, carbon emissions or environmental impact as your neutrality goal, employing high-performance building strategies are fundamental as you move toward net zero.

There is no one-size-fits-all path to achieve net zero performance, but for over fifty years, we have successfully guided thousands of projects where there is no standard solution. Our team comprises the deep technical knowledge needed to help you to design, construct, retrofit, and maintain high-performance buildings, on-time and on-budget.

We offer a variety of net zero services tailored to meet your project goals:

Enhanced Feasibility Analysis for Net Zero Energy and Carbon Emissions
  • Establish goals for net zero performance; capture additional priorities for health, accessibility, and energy monitoring; and explore certification and incentive programs.
  • Early design modeling and net zero calculations to analyze orientation and siting, as well as building envelope, heating, cooling, ventilation, and DHW systems.
  • Renewable energy options: Solar and on-site generation feasibility.
  • Set EUI targets for the building’s major end uses.

Design Phase Support

  • Modeling and analysis: Energy modeling; solar design support; life cycle analysis (LCA).
  • Design consulting including plan reviews and mark-ups for base building systems, envelope, renewable energy, and options for smart building controls.
  • Review of grid integration and responsiveness.

Construction Phase Support

  • Contractor submittal review.
  • Visual inspections during all phases of construction.
  • Commissioning of base building systems, envelope, and renewable energy systems.
  • Whole building infiltration testing.

Operations, Maintenance and Training

  • Energy management consulting: Monitoring and analysis, benchmarking, energy auditing, and retro-commissioning.
  • Occupant education.
  • Operations and maintenance training.

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