Srikanth Puttagunta, PE

Srikanth Puttagunta, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Started with Firm: 2003

M.S. Civil Engineering: Building Systems, University of Colorado – Boulder
B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

Srikanth Puttagunta is Chief Operating Officer at SWA. Srikanth has been with SWA for over 17 years, most recently as a Principal Mechanical Engineer. As a longstanding member of SWA’s Board of Directors and finance subcommittee, he has taken an active role to assure the firm’s continued financial health and sustainable growth.

Prior to becoming COO, Srikanth was primarily involved with SWA’s research and product development efforts through the Department of Energy’s Building America Research Program. It is with this mindset of a research engineer that Srikanth approaches operations at SWA. SWA is known for being visionary. SWA does not accept industry standard practice as the only solution and continually seeks to develop innovative solutions. In this same manner, Srikanth questions all aspects of the company’s operations, gets input from staff, and looks for opportunities to improve while minimizing barriers.