SWA Honored for Eighth Consecutive Year as EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader

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Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a recipient of the 2019 Indoor airPLUS Leader Award. This annual award recognizes market leading homebuilders and raters who promote safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments by participating in this home labeling program, utilizing the Indoor airPLUS brand in their marketing, and educating the general public about the enhanced indoor air quality protections they offer to new home buyers.

“Every year our program looks forward to learning more about the great work our Indoor airPLUS partners do on a daily basis. We are especially impressed by the work of the ten Leader Award Winners this past year,” said David Rowson, Director of EPA’s Indoor Environments Division. “The 2019 Leader Award Winners continue to deliver comprehensive indoor air quality protections with Indoor airPLUS-labeled homes around the country, while utilizing the Indoor airPLUS brand to educate the public.”

Indoor airPLUS was created on the foundation of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program and encourages builders and Raters to go further with construction practices to help minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. Homes that earn this label offer superior comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and peace of mind for their home buyers.

SWA is honored to be a recipient of this award for the eighth consecutive year. “We know that buildings directly affect our health and well-being” said Karla Butterfield, Sustainability Director at SWA. “Programs like Indoor airPLUS allow us to reach beyond energy efficiency and sustainability, helping us to directly impact comfort, mood and health of building occupants”.

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