Rudin Management: Commercial Portfolio Retro-Commissioning

Market: Commercial
Type: Office
Location: New York, NY
Developer / Owner: Rudin Management
Project Services: Energy Audit, Retro-Commissioning, Owner’s Representation, Technical Studies
Primary Energy Conservation Measures: LED upgrades; High Efficiency Condenser installation; Chiller Plant upgrades; Window glazing; Pump improvements; Ventilation improvements; Insulation upgrades

Well-established in New York City’s real-estate market, Rudin Management owns and operates a diverse portfolio of commercial buildings and pre- and post-war multifamily properties. Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) performed whole-building energy audits and developed retro-commissioning strategy for Rudin Management’s entire commercial catalogue. Our efficiency recommendations for two key Class-A commercial properties were as follows:

  • 641 Lexington Avenue (429,866ft2, 33 stories): Installation of high-efficiency condenser filtration systems and low-e window coating present the greatest opportunities for annual cost and energy savings–$18,691/1,860MMBtu and $232,487/10,021MMbtu respectively. Other recommended energy conservation measures include naturally vented stairwells, LED lit common areas, VFP pump installation, and upgraded chiller control panels. Lastly, SWA conducted an in-depth evaluation of the building’s two basement chillers using data provided from BMS trends to determine chiller operating conditions and sensor calibration. We completed several analyses to ensure that the sensors monitoring chiller operation were within calibration, to verify chiller operation with respect to varying cooling loads and to determine the projected energy savings that would result from two potential ECMs: installation of a new control panel on Chiller 2 or replacement of Chiller 1 with an electric model. A life-cycle cost analysis of these alternatives was conducted in order to give the most accurate representation of the lifetime value of the projected energy savings, which were annual cost/energy savings of $18,571/1.17 MMBtu and $57,797/6.61, respectively.
  • One Battery Park Plaza (866,956ft2, 35 stories): Our team devised a unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to suite the operational needs of the building’s systems. Upgraded variable speed chiller plant controls (dynamic adjustment during part-load) are anticipated to produce annual savings of 42,349kwh and $352,528. Additionally, we recommended installing a 600-ton parallel driveline compressor to the chiller plant, which further enhances system capability to vary cooling output based on actual building demand.