11 Crown Development PHIUS+ Certified

Market: Multifamily
Type: Affordable Housing
Location: Meriden, CT
Developer/Owner: The Michaels Development Co.
Architect : Kenneth Boroson Architects
Builder: Haynes Construction Co.
Building Size : 100,000 sf; 3 buildings; 63 units; 18 townhomes
Certifications: Passive House Institute U.S. 2015,
EPA Indoor airPLUS,
DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes
Funding : CHFA, 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LITHC)

Project Background:

The development includes a four-story multifamily building with 63 affordable housing units, amenity, office, and retail spaces, along with an attached parking garage. There are two additional buildings that contain three-story townhouses, which ascend with the steep slope of the site. The side which abuts Colony Street has eight townhomes and the Crown Street side has ten additional townhomes that are all PHIUS+ 2015 certified.

The four-story building is able to meet PHIUS requirements with less insulation than the townhomes due to higher-density and internal heat gains. The latter has a greater exterior surface-area-to-volume ratio and a lower density of occupants, appliances, and plug loads in the buildings, resulting in fewer beneficial internal gains in the winter.

Project Services:

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) was recruited by Kenneth Boroson Architects to join the project team to provide energy modeling and PHIUS certification consulting. SWA also provided final testing and verification for the certification and labeling programs and has enjoyed a comradery with the project team despite COVID and typical construction challenges.

Certification Support:

  • ENERGY STARĀ® v3.1 certified, US DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, and US EPA Indoor airPLUS Labeled
  • PHIUS+ 2015 Certification
  • HERS Indexes range 31-44

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