Marie A. Starnes

Marie A. Starnes

Managing Director, Corporate Operations

Started with Firm: 1978

Bachelor of Business Administration, Managerial Accounting, Western Connecticut State University

Marie serves as Managing Director, Corporate Operations with a focus on creating and implementing firm-wide best practices that increase performance and enhance quality control. With 40 years’ tenure at the firm, Marie has the unique ability to develop a vision, achieve consensus, and deliver results to reduce inefficiencies and costs. She is a progressive manager with extensive knowledge in procurement processes, procedures, and policy setting; leadership and resource management; and is responsible for meeting all relevant statutory and mandatory requirements for the firm’s operations.

As the longest tenured staff member, Marie is a strong champion of SWA’s Company Principles, instilling them as core to the firm’s ethos. She drives a mission-driven approach to successful programmatic, operational, strategic or managerial outcomes.