WegoWise and Steven Winter Associates Unveil Integrated Multifamily Benchmarking Service

FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Building intelligence provider, WegoWise, and Steven Winter Associates, Inc., a leading energy and sustainability consulting firm, have announced a partnership created to offer a new service for benchmarking in multifamily buildings. The service combines utility data analysis and auditing services to help New York property owners comply with Local Law 84 energy disclosure mandates. In addition, it will also enable owners to easily tap collected utility data to identify high-impact building retrofits and achieve dramatic savings.
Local Law 84 requires all buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet—more than 16,000 multifamily buildings across the city—to have their energy-use benchmarked and reported annually. WegoWise and Steven Winter Associates aggregate and benchmark building data directly from the utility, then prepare and submit the required report to the city on behalf of the building owner.

In addition to compliance activities, the Steven Winter Associates and WegoWise’s benchmarking service provides:

    Data visualizations to compare buildings within a portfolio, as well as to others with similar building profiles
    Integrated auditing services to help building owners identify capital improvements that will achieve the greatest ROI
    Consulting services designed to maximize financial incentives
    Ongoing monitoring and verification services to identify anomalies in energy use, and to ensure upgrades deliver returns as anticipated

“New York building owners are faced with a complex and confusing marketplace of solutions for Local Law 84 compliance. WegoWise and Steven Winter partnered to provide the set of services required by building owners, helping them to not only comply, but also capitalize on the insights from their energy data,” said Dan Teague, director of business development at WegoWise. “WegoWise’s tool is the first step to determining which buildings are ripe for efficiency upgrades. Steven Winter Associates provides the expert auditing services that convert our data into action—and drive projects across the finish line.”

The partnership unites the industry leader in multifamily building utility analytics with a leading building-energy consultancy that has operated in New York for more than 40 years. Steven Winter Associates and WegoWise both have extensive experience tracking and benchmarking energy use in New York, with the two companies tracking energy use across nearly 160 million square feet in the city.

“We’ve been working with building owners in New York to drive sustainability initiatives for decades,” stated Marc Zuluaga, VP and Director, Multifamily Energy Services for Steven Winter Associates. “As property owners began evaluating their energy use under Local Law 84, we saw a strong demand in the marketplace for a comprehensive solution that helps reduce utility costs. We built this joint offering to meet those needs and take building efficiency projects from conception to completion.”

WegoWise and Steven Winter Associates previously collaborated to support the Green Supers training program, offered by Local 32BJ to train New York building owners in green operations and maintenance. The evaluation used WegoWise to analyze Green Super buildings pre- and post-training to demonstrate energy savings implemented as a result of the training.

About WegoWise
WegoWise is an industry-leading utility intelligence provider for the real estate industry. Bridging big data and energy efficiency, WegoWise distills large aggregations of energy and water data into useful, actionable information for building owners, managers, energy auditors and building efficiency programs, enabling them to automatically track, understand and benchmark building performance, and make better efficiency investment decisions. WegoWise’s platform benchmarks against the largest collection of multifamily data in the world, regularly identifying impressive opportunities for cost savings, as inefficient buildings typically pay four times the utility costs of efficient buildings. Learn more on our blog:

Learn more about Steven Winter Associates and WegoWise NYC Local Law 84 Multifamily Benchmarking Services.

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