SWA’s CEO Interviewed for Habitat Magazine

“To still be using what worked when energy was cheap and climate change was not upon us, is, to be blunt, dumb.” In this article in Habitat Magazine, SWA’s CEO Marc Zuluaga answers the question of where to start with smart buildings and how new technology can help buildings comply with carbon emission laws.  Smart buildings matter because resident comfort, energy expenses, and carbon emissions matter, especially given the “looming requirements – and potential fines – of the city’s new Climate Mobilization Act.”

Marc gives expert insight into what smart-buildings mean for building-owners as well as to the state, and how we can be responsive to both the people in the building and the energy grid. Many of these smartening steps qualify for NYSERDA incentives as well, which Marc highlights is important in this decision-making process, and can make these smart-building upgrades cost-effective as well.

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