Karla Butterfield Recognized as Home Innovation 2019 NGBS Green Partner of Excellence

Local Green Home Verifier Applauded for Excellence in Advancing HighPerformance Mainstream Home Building


NGBS bannerKarla Butterfield, Sustainability Director at Steven Winter Associates, Inc. has been named a Home Innovation NGBS Green Partner of Excellence for 2019. NGBS Green, which is based on the National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS), has certified more homes than any other national green home certification program. In celebration of the recent release of the 2020 NGBS, there were 20 individuals or companies recognized in each of three categories–NGBS Green Verifiers; Single-Family Builders/Developers; and Multifamily Builders/Developers. Being one of an elite group of Home Innovation’s green certification program partners to be recognized validates the commitment Karla Butterfield has made to providing customers with increased value, professionalism, and relevance in the marketplace through third-party verification to the NGBS.

“In 2019, NGBS Green celebrates a decade of green, high-performance buildings,” said Home Innovation Vice President, Innovation Services Michelle Foster. “The NGBS Green certification program continues to enjoy widespread growth for both single-family homes and multifamily buildings. This year we celebrate the continued accomplishments of verifiers, architects, developers, and builders who have been recognized previously as Partners of Excellence and continue to design, build, and verify exceptional and sustainable homes, and we welcome new program partners who we are recognizing for the first time.Our partners continue to innovate and transform the residential construction industry so that living in a healthier, more comfortable, and lower-cost home can be attainable to anyone seeking a more sustainable lifestyle.We could not deliver such an affordable, rigorous certification program that provides value to the entire residential construction industry without dedicated partners like Karla.”

As an accredited NGBS Green Verifier, Karla has provided independent verification services for a number of homes and buildings that became NGBS Green Certified by Home Innovation Research Labs. NGBS Green Verifiers are trained, tested, and accredited by Home Innovation to ensure consistency and rigor for NGBS Green Certifications across the country.

To earn certification to the National Green Building Standard, a home must meet rigorous criteria in six categories–Lot & Site Development; Resource Efficiency; Energy Efficiency; Water Efficiency; Indoor Environmental Quality; and Homeowner Education. There are mandatory practices in each category that every NGBS Green Certified home must meet, and there are a wide range of additional optional practices in each category that a builder can select based on the applicability to buyers or renter in their market. There are also mandatory point minimums in every category in order for a home to attain the next level of certification, which is a more stringent requirement than in any other national certification program.

Since January 2009, when the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) became the first residential green building rating system to be approved by ANSI, Home Innovation has certified more than 223, 500 green single-family and apartment homes, and nearly 1,700 lots within green residential land developments. For more details on current certification numbers, visit For more information on the NGBS Green Certification Program, visit