Fundamentals of Passive House: What is it, Really?

Achieving Passive House (PH) certification at any scale is the result of careful design and execution. As multifamily PH projects increase in size and complexity, it is critical to manage the integrated design process (IDP). Common pitfalls can be avoided with strategic advanced planning and by reducing change orders and frustration during construction. Collaboration among the project team should occur at critical design milestones from feasibility to 100% construction documents (CDs), with careful consideration for field execution.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the basic principles and benefits of PH construction
  2. Recognize challenges of an expedited design process for affordable PH projects
  3. Understand critical items requiring design team coordination and when the construction team should be integrated
  4. Be able to list 3 topics to address during pre-construction meetings for PH buildings