SWA Senior Accessibility Consultant Appointed to the ICC Accessibility Exam Development Committee

icc_logoHarold Bravo, Senior Accessibility Consultant and nearly 16-year veteran of the firm has recently been appointed to the International Code Council’s (ICC) Accessibility Exam Development Committee as part of the organization’s Professional Development Council. This recent appointment adds to the list of existing credentials for Bravo, including ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner and California Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp). Bravo will serve with the ICC Accessibility Exam Development Committee through 2019 and will aid in the development of the ICC’s education programs.

The International Code Council develops codes for building design and construction that encourage “safe, sustainable, affordable, and resilient structures.” ICC standards are used in the development of communities across the United States as well as on the global scale.

In addition to the formulation of internationally employed building codes, the ICC offers “the oldest, largest, and most prestigious credentialing program for construction codes and Standards professionals in the United States.” Bravo is included as one of eight of the industry’s foremost thought leaders and will contribute to the continued development of the ICC’s credentialing program. His contributions to the Professional Development Council will aid in the advancement of the ICC National Certification exams as well as its education programs.

“I look forward to participating on the Accessibility Exam Development Committee,” said Bravo. “This is a fantastic opportunity to shape the educational curriculum for future industry professionals learning to advance the accessible design of our built environment.”

The Professional Development Council is comprised of the Education Committee and the Certification Committee, which are complementary in their purpose to better align the ICC Education and Certification programs. Bravo’s position on the Accessibility Exam Development Committee will help to propose improvements to said branches in order to provide a more comprehensive and integrated accessibility curriculum. The work of the Accessibility Exam Development Committee will contribute to an ever-rising standard for accessibility professionals throughout the U.S.; and thus encourage better buildings across the built environment.