Roosevelt Elementary School

Market: Commercial - Education
Type: Primary School - High School
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Developer/Owner: Bridgeport School District
Architect: Antinozzi Associates, P.C.
Project Services: LEED® for Schools™ v2009, Certification services
Building Size: 82,000 sf
Construction Cost: $35,000,000
Status: LEED Gold certification achieved August 2016

Roosevelt Elementary School is a new, 82,000 sf Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) through 8th Grade educational facility located in Bridgeport, CT. Steven Winter Associates, Inc. worked as the LEED consultant assisting the client in exceeding its Sustainability goals.

The project incorporated the following green building features and strategies:

  • 23% of the project site area is vegetated;
  • Installation of a roof membrane with a high SRI rating to help reduce the urban heat island effect;
  • School-owned gymnasium, cafeteria, and one or more classrooms designed to be shared with the surrounding community;
  • Savings from the water-efficient plumbing fixtures are anticipated to decrease annual water usage by 30%;
  • Water Efficient Landscaping incorporates native, drought resistant plant species along with assuring no permanent irrigation systems;
  • Enhanced refrigerant management was achieved by selecting refrigerants and HVAC&R that minimize the emission of compounds that contribute to ozone depletion and global climate change;
  • The project diverted 98% of the on-site generated construction waste from landfill;
  • Over 19% of the building materials were extracted, harvested, and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site;
  • Use of low-emitting materials, including adhesives, paints, sealants and coatings with low VOC levels helps reduce the quantity of irritating and/or harmful indoor air contaminants;
  • Controllability of lighting and thermal comfort systems will enhance satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being of the students and building occupants.

Roosevelt Elementary School received the 2016 Institutional Award of Merit from the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC).

*Photo credit: Robert Benson Photography