LYCÉE FRANÇAIS DE NEW YORK Improves Efficiency with LEED

Market: Commercial - Education
Type: Primary School - High School
Location: New York, NY
Developer/Owner: Lycée Français de New York
Project Services: LEED® Consulting Services; Retro-Commissioning Services; Energy Auditing
Building Size: 163,120 sf
Certifications: LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance™ v2009 Silver rating
Primary Energy Conservation Measures: VFD installations; LED lighting upgrades; Chiller upgrade

Lycée Français de New York occupies approximately 163,120 sf and includes a data center, cafeteria, two gymnasiums, classrooms, offices, and an auditorium. Steven Winter Associates, Inc. (SWA) provided LEED consulting services for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) recertification under LEED EB v2009, as well as energy auditing services and retro-commissioning services that met NYC’s Local Law 87 (LL87) requirements. The retro-commissioning evaluation and ASHRAE Level I audit were performed in accordance with NYSERDA’s FlexTech Program in conjunction with the school’s goal of LEED recertification. Both served to help Lycée meet LEED Energy and Atmosphere (EA) prerequisites and credits and improve efficiency throughout the building systems.

Implemented Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) identified and recommended by SWA in the Level I audit included upgrading all fluorescent lighting in the school to LEDs. This ECM alone has the potential to save nearly $39,000 a year, with a projected energy savings of 183,000 kWh. Additionally, the transition to LEDs along with the implementation of no- and low-cost measures identified in the retro-commissioning effort helped Lycée Français achieve an ENERGY STAR score of 75. This surpassed the minimum value of 69 for LEED EBOM recertification and allowed the building to obtain the ENERGY STAR label.

Serving as the LEED consultant for the project’s recertification, SWA helped Lycée achieve a LEED EBOM rating of Silver — an improvement over the building’s initial certification level of Certified. Highlights over the 38-month recertification period included reducing conventional commuting trips by 91%, meeting 66% of total energy consumption with off-site renewable energy through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and sustainable purchases of furniture that comprised 130% of total purchases, based on sustainability weighted values.

SWA’s previous work with Lycée Français de New York included an ASHRAE Level II energy audit, also through NYSERDA’s cost-share FlexTech Program, as well as consulting for their first LEED for Existing Buildings O&M certification which they received in October 2012.

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