Jason Block, PE

Jason Block, PE

Director, Multifamily Energy Services

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Started with Firm: 2008

B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, Princeton University

Professional Engineer (New York)

Jason Block is the Director of Multifamily Energy Services at SWA.  He oversees the firm’s design and implementation services, focusing on comprehensive, high performance retrofits that consider the building as a holistic system. His expertise in low-pressure steam heating, hydronic heating, and ventilation systems informs much of the firm’s existing buildings work, including ensuring energy audit recommendations are appropriate and feasible, and creating site-specific retrofit designs. Jason also trains building staff and contractors on operations and maintenance activities and system upgrades. There are a lot of buildings out there, and disseminating these best practices to other industry participants, beyond specialized engineering firms, is necessary to achieve improved performance and energy reductions at scale.

Jason plays a leading role in some of the firm’s research projects, including focused studies on steam distribution upgrades, improved burner controls, and thermal sub-metering, as well as looking back at the actual savings realized from energy retrofits. The results of these efforts provide valuable feedback to SWA’s energy audits, implementation projects, and other services.

He is currently serving on the New York City Mechanical Code Revision committee, and advises the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability on regulatory changes to improve energy efficiency across the city.