JHM Group Honored as a Stamford 2030 District’s Change Maker

JHM Group was honored at the Stamford 2030 District’s Second Annual Change Makers Awards ceremony on October 5, 2016 for the development of Crescent Crossings in Bridgeport. As an affordable developer, JHM Group has continued to increase indoor air quality, energy, water, and resource efficiency with each consecutive development.

At Crescent Crossings Phase I, the team is pursuing EPA Indoor airPLUS. For Phase II, where construction just started, promises to show an even greater increase in efficiency and attention to indoor air quality. This is being achieved with more efficient HVAC systems, a focus on air sealing details, and the use of low emitting finish products.

One project does not make a Change Maker, however, so while the award was given to JHM Group specifically for Crescent Crossings, all of their current and previous projects were taken into consideration. In one of their previous projects, The Heights at Darien, the developer worked with SWA to achieve ENERGY STAR and LEED for Homes certification. SWA engineers also evaluated two upcoming projects for JHM Group against the rigorous Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) standard: The Windward in Bridgeport and Willow Creek II in Hartford. Both projects are designed to LEED BD+C Homes v4, PHIUS, DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, Indoor airPLUS, and Energy Star v3.1 standards. Reaching this level of performance involves doubling the exterior rigid insulation to R-20, reducing the window U-factor to 0.14, and increasing attic insulation to R-89. The projects will also move from natural gas furnaces to smaller, more efficient air source heat pumps, and from an exhaust-only ventilation strategy to balanced ventilation through Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV).

Congratulations to JHM Group for being honored as a Change Maker by Stamford 2030 District in recognition for their hard work and dedication developing the critically important sector of affordable housing. SWA is proud to work with a developer who is continually raising the bar in building efficiency and resident well-being.